Saving money on your gas bill

Surviving through heat can be expensive, mainly depending on the energy service company that provides…

Surviving through heat can be expensive, mainly depending on the energy service company that provides your home with electricity to keep you warm during those cold days. There are many companies out there, including ones that use green energy, and a lot of times, it might feel like they are just taking money straight out of your wallet. Thankfully here is a list of ways to save money on your gas bill.

Inspect your home

You should perform an energy audit, which can be done by a professional or yourself. The way to do this is to inspect every area of every room where potential leaks to the outside can be found. These areas typically include windows, external doors, air vents, etc.

When you or the professional you’ve hired finds cold air seeping through any area, the next best thing you could do is block them. Furthermore, according to professionals, improperly sealed leaky windows and doors are typically the main reason for air leaks and can contribute 10 – 25 percent to your bill.

Invest in a thermostat but make it smart

A great way to reduce the amount of money you need to pay for your gas bill is to optimize the use of your thermostat by only heating your house when you are currently using it and turning the thermostat off or keeping your home cool while you are away.  The best way to do this is by investing in a smart thermostat that will be connected to your WiFi and controlled from your phone, laptop, or tablet. This means you can adjust your home’s temperature no matter where you are. Another method you can use is individual heating, meaning you’ll only heat specific rooms you are in. This feature is referred to as multi-zone functionality and allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms. Some can even create a heating schedule by tracking the heating patterns.


Invest in thermal curtains or insulated window panels

Thermal curtains almost always have a high-density foam core that keeps the room warm and prevents any heat from leaving the room. They also block out any noise that might come from outside from entering your house. Taking a step further, buying insulated panels for your windows can also keep out the cold as these foam panels are made to fit perfectly and are pressed closely against your windows with magnetic tape strips. However, the main drawback of investing in insulated window panels is that they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the curtains, despite how well they function.

Regulate your thermostat.

Whether you have a regular or smart thermostat, an easy way to save money on your gas bill is by controlling the level you set on your device. A way to do this is by reducing the temperature of your thermostat by a degree each week, which can help you and anyone else you are living with more comfortably when you set your device to a lower temperature. Furthermore, you can manually lower it even further when no one is home and reduce the energy wasted during this time. However, when people return, you need to increase the temperature to a more comfortable level. Still, when people are asleep, you can set it to a few degrees lower and return to a more relaxed setting about an hour before the first person wakes up.