Hollie’s Law states: There are facts to be found in fiction. In each episode, we examine modern science-fiction literature, films, and television programming to explore whether the fiction has potential to become fact and inspire innovation.

Topics like time travel, immortality, super powers, and interstellar-travel may seem like fiction, however we discuss if they could ever be realities…and some of the answers may surprise you.

Since the dawn of our species, stories have been told. Within those stories are dreams that may seem to defy the laws of physics or go against everything we’ve grown to understand, deeming them impossible. However, many dreams created out of pure imagination and wonder have evolved into the greatest achievements by mankind. The computer or cell phone you’re using to view the Hollie’s Law web site was originally inspired by tales of science fiction. Cars, planes, submarines, trains, rockets, and everything you use as daily transportation was seen in an imagination and told in a story long before anything hit the assembly line. Defense systems, satellites, navigation, and space travel are all described in some of the greatest literary works we know that were created centuries before the inventions were seen. Medicines, surgeries, genetic engineering, and vaccinations were all discussed in a theoretical realm among creative minds well before they existed. Every one of the greatest inventions and scientific breakthroughs in human history have been products of great imaginations, many of which were inspired by creative works in literature, film, and television.